Taking your pet out of the UK for a holiday or more permanent move can require a good deal of planning and research.  By using Airpets you can leave us to do the hard work, letting you concentrate on your own travel arrangements.

Airpets Export Services

Our prime location is essential to minimising the the time pets spend in their Sky Kennels, making their journey as short and stress-free as possible. All dogs are exercised before delivery to the flight. Our on site export kennels and cattery are just a short ride from Heathrow Cargo Centre. Please see the boarding and export kennels page for more details.

Whether you need help with all of this or simply advice and support with one or two aspects, we promise you'll receive the highest quality service you'll find.

Almost daily destinations include USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa.

Over the years we have found our unique service to be indispensable to many airlines and relocation companies. The caring efficient transportation of the family pet is a genuine concern. Airpets is the best located Pet Travel Agent for Heathrow and Gatwick with all in house facilities and we like to think one of the very best.

If you'd like a quotation on exporting your pet out of the UK, please use our export quote form.