Airpets – FAQ’s

Yes. Restrictions are sometimes imposed for the welfare of your pets when seasonal temperatures in the USA reach a minimum and maximum.
Absolutely! But please allow us to book your pets flight first as not all airlines accept pets for travel. Once the pet flight has been booked & confirmed we will let you know the flight details, at which point you can book your own ticket.
Yes, we have a dedicated imports department that can assist with all aspects of the import paperwork – Please contact us for further details.

Yes. We have ample parking and comfortable spacious reception area.
Yes, we receive daily visits from the award winning ‘Runnymede Veterinary Hospital’ and can arrange check-ups and minor veterinary treatments by appointment.
Yes, we have a large, secure, paddock where pets can stretch their legs and play.  We also have a secure grass area, ideal for nervous dogs to unwind before an onward journey. Your dogs are also welcome to be walked around our 4 acre site.
5 minute drive
This typically takes 4 to 5 hours, depending on the number of entries they have on any given day. Clearances at exceptionally busy periods may take longer. Pets are professionally cared for during this time by the staff at the official Animal Reception Centre.
In our long experience of dealing with quarantined animals we find that this is not so. However they may become very attached to their own personal kennel maid!
We will also check if the original Boarding Document and Rabies label is required. If not these are scanned and emailed to you.
You may send a couple of thin blankets or towels. We also recommend that you supply a t-shirt that you’ve been wearing to provide a smell of home. We are quite limited to what we can send with your pet in the travel box. Unfortunately we cannot send thick, large or bulky blankets/beds.