All our facilities can be found together at one site just a mile from the cargo centre opposite Heathrow Terminal 5. Our prime location is essential to minimising the time pets spend in their Sky Kennels, making their journey as short and stress-free as possible. Should a flight be delayed or cancelled your pet can stay with us in a more comfortable environment until their flight is due to board.

Our facilities at Heathrow include a 5* cattery and generously sized heated kennels. Here we can take care of your pet before they leave for the airport or look after them while you are away on holiday. Our experienced and compassionate kennel staff are joined by a local vet each day to ensure the animals we look after are healthy and happy at all times.

Airpets dedicated pet travel consultants are also based on-site, allowing them to have personal contact with the pets they help to move. From our offices we are able to manage the entire relocation process so that your pet's journey is organised quickly and efficiently.