Airpets is run by a dedicated team who love animals!

Nicky - Senior Import Clerk
I have been in the imports team for a few years now and really enjoy helping owners with the complex process of bringing their pets to the UK. I love meeting the pets that come here and every day is different.
Outside of work I enjoy taking care of my 2 horses and occasionally compete in dressage. I have a Jack Russell called Charlie who is my shadow! He is a typical terrier, very lively and likes to chase anything that moves!

Eddy  - Quotes Team & Pet Travel Consultant
I have worked in both import and export sections of the airfreight industry since leaving school and been with Airpets for the past 11 years. My current pets are both rescue pets - a 7 year old German Shepherd dog and a mischievous 2 year old Siberian Forest cat. 

Becca - Quotes Team
Hello, my name is Becca. I have been with Airpets now for 3 years. Working here is a pleasure as we are all doing something that we love working along side animals. The Airpets team are a very down to earth group of people. I have 2 lovely boys Rio & Charlie (Staffy crosses), 2 Goldfish (Pom & Gio!), a bearded dragon called Taz and 2 cats, a mother called Mika and one of her kittens called Stripey that I found at the end of my garden! Great place to work!

Gemma - Receptionist
Hi my name is Gemma. I am now entering my 11th year at Airpets. I currently work on reception and enjoy being on the front desk. I have plenty of pets at home that include 2 Staffordshire Bull Terriers called Alfie & Roxy, my pet rabbit Roo, little hamster called Yogi and a giant African Land Snail that we like to call Bon Jovi. Airpets has such a friendly atmosphere and I get to enjoy my true passion of working with animals.

Kelly - Export Clerk
I have worked at Airpets for almost 8 years now - I spent two years in the kennels caring for the animals, before progressing to the lively export department where I ship pets all over the world. I have 3 little dogs, Izzy, Ruby & Enzo. I love my job here & it’s a real pleasure to meet all the cute furry faces that pass though Airpets everyday

Sarah - Exports Supervisor
I have worked for Airpets for 9 years. I spent 5 years working in the kennels caring for the animals. I now work as a Pet Travel Consultant sending pets all over the world. Never a dull moment here at Airpets, it's an exciting place to work where no day is the same.
I have 2 dogs, a Pomeranian called Tiffany and a Pug called Stanley & 2 cats called Molly & Fifi. Tiffany was left in our kennels at 8 weeks old so she has pretty much grown up here! It's her home away from home. They like nothing more than getting up to mischief together and chasing the cats!

Cheryl - Exports Senior Pet Travel Consultant
I have 3 dogs, Rafi the Ridgeback, Tara the Rotti who came from Cairo and spent 6 months in our Quarantine before I took her on from a friend, and Frankie the Spanish Street Dog who I rescued while on holiday in Spain.
I started here in July 2000, left in December 2003 to live in Cairo and then Larnaca, but they couldn't keep me away, so I returned to Airpets in April 2005.   

Jackie - Kennel Assistant
Hi, my name is Jackie. I have worked at Airpets for over 3 years. I have a menagerie of pets, including 2 German Shepherds Roxy, Molly a very old but adorable Terrier, Trevor, 4 Guinea Pigs, 4 cats which I rehomed through work, and I am mother hen to 23 chickens at my allotment. All the animals in my life at work & at home make my work a better place.

Emily - Receptionist
Hello my name is Emily, I’ve been working at Airpets since 2014. I came here as an animal carer running my own dog block but have moved on to work in reception - I thoroughly enjoy working at Airpets as I’m passionate about animals and their care.

Rebecca - Cattery assistant
Hi , I`m Rebecca and I have worked at Airpets since 2008. I manage the quarantine cattery/menagerie. I enjoy the hands on aspects of my job and being able to bond with the animals to make them feel at home. I have another menagerie at home which includes my two cats Zanna and Zar, a mixed breed dog Trig and a house rabbit called Rabbit.

Angela - Import & Office Manager
I have worked for Airpets for over 35 years now, even though it only seems like yesterday that I started. I thoroughly enjoy being around pets and helping people to relocate them. In my spare time I compete my horse “King” , we travel with all over the country and have achieved many successful results.

Ashleigh - Kennel Assistant
Hi, My name is Ashleigh and I have a French Bulldog Darcy and my beautiful Weimaraner Bailey. I just love working with animals because they all have such unique personalities, sometimes challenging but most of all very loveable and great fun !

Helen - Senior Kennel Assistant
Hello, my name is Helen and I have worked at Airpets for the last 33 years! I look after all the dogs that come in to Quarantine. I have 2 whippets of my own at home, but the breed I love the most are Boxers. The thing I really love about Airpets is that everyone genuinely loves animals

Megan - Import agent
My name is Megan, I have worked at Airpets for just under a year now I started on reception and I've now moved to our imports department. I love working for Airpets, as we are all passionate about animals. It’s a very rewarding and interesting job, I like helping both animals and people. I own three Working Cocker Spaniels called Ruby, Maisie & Purdey.

Charlotte - Kennel Assistant
Hi, I am Charlotte and I have 3 lovely dogs, a Doberman, Labrador and a Crossbreed. Airpets is a great place to work if you are animal crazy like me.

Rebecca Brown - Kennel Assistant
My name is Rebecca and these are my two friendly French Bulldogs Pablo and Tallulah . I am part of the kennel team at Airpets and look after the Big dog block. My ethos is when you find a job you love you will never work again, which is why I love working for Airpets.

Brian Mills - Driver
Hello my name is Brian and I currently work as a driver for Airpets. My main focus is the transportation of pets into and out of London & the South of England - As a keen pet lover and professional driver by trade, this is my ideal job