So, in summary, use Airpets

13 February 18

So, in summary, use Airpets

Dear Kelly

Thank you so much for everything you and the team did to make Paddington (Labrador), Windsor (Birman) & Snoopy (Siamese) comfortable, happy and safe in their travels. UK to Australia is as dramatic as it gets and the boys were calm, happy and perfectly brushed! Have Birman, will brush…

Honestly owners, I know it’s terrifying but your animals are in super safe paws with Kelly. She will see them through happy. She will recommend excellent local agents to collect them post quarantine in their chosen country (mine delivered to the house, really, you want to drive while crying with joy?)

Now, she will chase you on pet passport actions. Assuming you actually want them on the plane while you pack up your life this is invaluable. And she will do literally everything that isn’t taking them to your vet. She will even tell you what appointment you are making and why/when. She will give you a when range, what more do you want?

She is a real animal lover (many herself) and it shines through. In the care they receive to the updates you will get. So, in summary, use Airpets; but demand Kelly.